SEOUL: Southern England Orienteering Urban League

The Southern England Orienteering Urban League (or SEOUL) is an league comprised of urban orienteering races in the south of England. The league uses the same scoring system as the UK Urban League. The latest league tables and the SEOUL Facebook page.


17th March 2020

Due to COVID-19 the 2020 SEOUL is suspended until further notice.

31st December 2019

Winners of the 2019 SEOUL.

Young Juniors Men: Nathan Taylor (Thames Valley Orienteering Club)
Young Juniors Women: Grace French (Wimborne Orienteers)
Juniors Men: Joel Taylor (Thames Valley Orienteering Club)
Juniors Women: Ella May Rush (Bristol Orienteering Klub)
Senior Men: Edward Dickins (British Army Orienteering Club)
Senior Women: Alison Innes (Wessex Orienteering Club)
Veteran Men: Paul Taylor (Thames Valley Orienteering Club)
Veteran Women: Tereza Maria Rush (Bristol Orienteering Klub)
Supervet Men: Roger Thetford (Thames Valley Orienteering Club)
Supervet Women: Jill Blount (Southdowns Orienteers)
Ultravet Men: Alun Jones (Thames Valley Orienteering Club)
Ultravet Women: Denise Harper (Berkshire Orienteers)
Hypervet Men: David Lee (North Gloucester Orienteering Club)
Hypervet Women: Ruth Rhodes (Southdowns Orienteers)

Full Results

30th December 2019

Thanks to Southdowns Orienteers for the Brighton City Race.
ResultsFinal league tables

14th December 2019

The last race in the 2019 SEOUL, the Brighton City Race, is on the 21st December.
We’ll post information on league placings during next week.

6th November 2019

Thanks to Southdowns Orienteers for the Chichester Urban.
ResultsUpdated league tables