SEOUL: Southern England Orienteering Urban League

The Southern England Orienteering Urban League (or SEOUL) is an league comprised of urban orienteering races in the south of England. The league uses the same scoring system as the UK Urban League. The latest league tables and the SEOUL Facebook page.


9th March 2018

The second and third races of the 2018 SEOUL, the UEA Sprint and Norwich Urban, are on the 14th and 15th April.

22nd January 2018

Thanks to Thames Valley Orienteering Club for the RAF Halton and Wendover Urban Race.

8th January 2018

The Southern England Orienteering Urban League 2018 kicks off on Saturday 20th January at RAF Halton, near Aylesbury. And it sounds like a good event.

  • All courses go through the grounds of spectacular Halton House (built by the Rothschilds and now the Officers’ Mess),
  • Longer courses cross the road to run amongst the main training and accommodation blocks,
  • The longest courses head along the foot of (not up!) the Wendover Woods escarpment to the intricate streets of the newly built Princess Mary Gate estate.

Details at:
Reduced price pre-entry closes on Sunday 14th.

21st December 2017

The 2018 SEOUL race list is available.

18th December 2017

SEOUL 2017 Winners
MYJ: Joel Taylor (TVOC)
WYJ: Ella May Rush (BOK)
MJ: Alex Fielding (HH)
WJ: Sarah Darley (GO)
MO: Richard Purkis (NGOC)
WO: Tereza Maria Rush (BOK)
MV: Paul Luttman (SO)
WV: Karen French (WIM)
MSV: Keith Tonkin (GO)
WSV: Janet Rosen (HH)
MUV: David Jukes (BKO)
WUV: Sue Hands (WIM)
MHV: Peter Bennett (BKO)
WHV: Ruth Rhodes (SO)

Photos from prize giving

League Tables